Features and Benefits of My Mobile Watchdog

my mobile watchdog

My Mobile Watchdog is advanced software accredited
with offering top-notch parental control services to parents. This software has
highly advanced features that allow a parent to get all information regarding
their child’s call logs, texts, website visits, time restrictions, web
filtering, block applications and sync contacts. With mobile watchdog you will
enter a whole new world of convenience without exposure to the risks associated
with worrying about what your kid is doing. Aiming to give you kid a smart
phone but want to keep full access to inappropriate activity happening in your
kids life? Well this incredibly well engineered software comes in handy delivering
flexible solutions that suit your particular requirements.

Features of My Mobile Watchdog

Monitoring and alerts- This
feature is specifically designed to provide information regarding your kids
activities like GPS locality tracking, texts, phone calls and pictures. If unauthorized
activity occurs this information is immediately channeled to your Android Smartphone
or PC. The GPS allows you to always know where your child is.

Contact list administration- This
feature automatically syncs’s your kids permitted contact list and alerts you
whenever an unauthorized contact is added. You are able to see all contacts
that have been added to your kid’s phone immediately.

Application blocking- The temporally
blocking option allows you to block certain applications from your kid’s phone.
Your child therefore cannot use certain applications like Social Networking
applications, Mobile Games, Instant Messaging applications, Camera and Web

Benefits of My Mobile Watchdog

Appealing capabilities like
instant text and email notifications when a kid engages in illegal activities. It
has best texting app, highly advanced yet easy to use.

With mobile
watchdog it fast and easy to access any
information as phone activities are sorted by date, status, detail, action and

The process of installing is
significantly simple as you just click to my
mobile watchdog login option.

Web visit history is easy to

It is highly compatible with a
variety of phones including android, windows tools and blackberry

My watchdog
allows you to receive up to date report of all
activities that have been monitored

In case you child attempts to use
blocked websites you receive immediate alerts.

It has significant features whose
aspects are definitely beneficial in filtering, blocking, tracking and
monitoring your kid’s activities.

Time blocking feature restricts the period of your child’s phone usage.
After certain limited hours your child can only make calls to emergency numbers
that you prefer.

A user guide is available to direct parents on how to effectively apply
the software.

With the current advancement in technology it is vital to
filter the information your child has access to. With watchdog app you
do not have
to necessarily rely on your child’s ability to decide what is
appropriate to download, search, view as well as who is appropriate to
talk to. This may translate into a more meaningful and successful life
for your kid as any chances of damaging information is cut off from your
kid’s life. This
software allows you convenience of setting your child free to enjoy
their life
with a smart phone.