How to make good coffee


How to make good coffee

Coffee is a beverage that is accepted and loved the world over. It has existed since time immemorial, and so has been its consumption. In the world market, it rates as the world second most traded commodity only after petroleum, a fact that heavily points out how important coffee consumption is not just in terms of trade but the health benefits it brings along. Before delving deep into how to make good coffee, it is only important to look albeit briefly, at the importance of consuming coffee.

Health benefits of coffee consumption

There are a host of benefits that we can derive from consuming coffee and we can’t simply exhaust the same. However some of the most notable benefits of coffee consumption are stated below.

Consuming coffee boosts ones cognitive ability, with research evidence indicating that people who consume coffee score highly in IQ tests, memory tests as well as spatial awareness tests.

Coffee is also known to stimulate the bowel with many medical practitioners prescribing it to patients for lower colon stimulation. However, it can cause constipation since it is diuretic in nature.

Coffee is also a natural antioxidant, a property that gives it the ability to fight radicals that cause cancer. A compound known as methylpyridinium is known to be behind this coffee property.

Drinking coffee too will result in reduces chances of developing gall stones which eventually cause gall bladder diseases. Besides this, consuming coffee helps reduce the risk of getting some diseases, namely the Parkinson’s disease and the Alzheimer’s disease.

Let me point out here that these are just but some of the benefits of consuming coffee and some if not most have not been included.

How to make good coffee

As noted earlier, coffee has a host of benefits yet one cannot fully utilize and derive them if not from consuming good coffee. This brings us to the most important part of this article, on how to make good coffee. So how do you make good coffee? Here is how.

Use good quality coffee beans

In order to make good coffee, you should use fresh coffee beans that have just been roasted. It is therefore important to order your coffee beans as soon as they are roasted since coffee can be highly perishable hence you make good coffee if the roasted coffee beans are stale. You should visit your coffee shop and choose fresh coffee beans by yourself. It is advisable to buy them in small quantities so as to use them only when you want to. You can also review the available suppliers to ensure that you end up with only reputed ones.

To make good coffee, use good water

The quality of water you use will greatly affect the quality of coffee that you will brew eventually. Tap water may contain chlorine and some other chemicals that may greatly compromise the quality of coffee you get. Investing in a good water filter will be a step further in ensuring that you make really good coffee.

Only use enough coffee, and you will end up with good coffee

Using the appropriate ratio of ground coffee is perhaps the greatest determinant of making good coffee. The bottom-line is to use just enough, not too much or too little. The recommended measure is to use two tablespoons of ground coffee for six ounces of water.

Choose the best coffee filters

A coffee filter is important in ensuring that the grounds are restrained from blocking the drip and from the coffee overflowing the percolator. However, not all filters are good since some when used, are bound to compromise the flavor of you coffee. For example, using a bleached paper filter will definitely affect the flavor of your coffee. Use a gold filter or an unbleached paper filter instead to be assured of good flavored coffee.

Drink your coffee immediately it is brewed

Your coffee will start losing its original taste immediately after you have brewed it. It is therefore advisable to consume it immediately. Also ensure that you prepare only an amount that you are sure you will finish, since overstayed coffee will have a stale taste.

Should you doubt the taste or quality of your coffee, then you are better off relooking the above pointers and make appropriate variations until you end up with good coffee.